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21 August 2010


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Tamah Graber

I thought you took after your great-grandfather and your uncle who both thought that tomatoes were poison. Not sure where that came from. BUt my best memories of my mother's home-grown tomatoes were to pick them off the vine, spread a lot of mayonnaise on soft white bread, and cut slices of tomatoes to have a sandwhich. That happens to be what I had for dinner last night, except the bread was better.

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic

Hey Cynthia, I used to hate tomatoes too - until I discovered the fresh ones :) I haven't tried tomatoes with anchovies yet, but will do soon! Have fun judging tomatoes on Monday!


I keep trying to convinve my boyfriend that if he just tried a tomato from the farmers' market he would love them and that they'd be nothing like tomatoes from his childhood. It makes me so happy to read that you used to dislike them and now you love them!

I don't think I've ever had yogurt-based gazpacho but it sounds incredible!

Cynthia Graber

Megan - definitely keep trying with your boyfriend. Maybe have him try ones from the market with, oh, some olive oil, mozzarella and basil. The classic caprese's probably a good way to ease someone in and show them that not all tomatoes are alike!
Bianca, judging the tomatoes was great fun; I got to taste about 24 different cherry tomatoes. Mmmm.

Sherry Parfait

Sounds delish! I want to try your toast recipe with Texas toast. Thanks for sharing!


I love this post, Cynthia. My little sister was the same way about tomatoes when she was a kid, but she's coming around. I, on the other hand, have always been a tomato lover. I think the pineapple heirlooms are my favorite. Happy judging!

Cynthia Graber

Thanks, Jess! I bet your sister just needs a few more tastes of your favorite heirlooms - like pineapple tomatoes - to join you. Hey, if I became a convert, I think anyone can.

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