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06 July 2011


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Jerry Krattiger

This kind of sustainable, respectful farming comes at a price which the market is not (always)willing to honour... The education of the market is in that regard the key to the success of those kinds of operations.

On a different note, if farmers, fishermen, etc. are able to sell their product directly and link that to an event or an experience, they are able to do that at a premium and get brand recognition and get the middleman out of the picture for that part of their business... This is an area where demand is tremendous and in my opinion growing.

Genevieve Rajewski

Thanks for sharing that Bittman piece. Ag gag is beyond maddening.

Fortunately, we have many options locally to buy from farms that we can actually visit to see how the animals that produce our food really live. Kudos to places like Carter and Stevens, Stillman's, Chestnut Farms, Springdell Farm, Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds, and Tufts' Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine (my employer).

Cynthia Graber

Genevieve, thanks for pointing out all the options around here - there are in fact so many! And Jerry, I agree that selling products directly is the best way for these types of farms to survive. This particular one is pretty far out, and the closest communities are rather poor. I'm hoping they find new ways to access markets!

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